[Reading Challenge] 2019 Reading Goals

So 2018 was a little disappointing for me and my reading goals.

I didn’t make my goodreads challenge. I originally set a goal of 50 books, but when October came around and I hadn’t even reached 20, I decided to lower it to 25. I finished on 23.

Throughout the year I had several reading slumps, and I also got a big promotion at work which took up a lot of my time towards the end of the year.


This year I have set a goal of 25 from the offset. Achievable. Manageable. Realistic.

I want to read as many amazing books at possible. I’m not going to try and read something just because it’s hyped or pressure myself into reading proofs for reviews. Of course I’ll still do that, but I’m going to be more selective.

I’ll also be taking part in Beat The Backlist to try and knock off those book which have been sat on my shelves for longer than they probably should have done…

So fingers crossed this year I’ll read some incredible books, and reach that all important Goodreads goal!

What reading goals have you set for yourself this year?

See what I’m hoping to read this month in my January TBR.

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