The Big Summer Book Swap!

IMG_0989Guys, I’m so so excited for this…

I’ve always loved book swaps, I find it so lovely to write to a fellow book lover and send them a book that you think they’ll love. And most of the time, you get to keep in touch with those people and create a great bookish friend!

Oh, and you also receive the same in return, but from a completely different person… 2 bookish friends, yay!

I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter wanting to do an international book swap, so I figured why not host one?!

Anyone can participate, and there’s no limits. All I ask is that you send a great book and a personal letter to the person you are allocated. You can send more if you want to, but remember, it’s the thought that counts – the more personal, the better.

If you’d rather not send internationally, that’s okay too. When you fill out the form, there is the option to send within your country of residence, I know international postage can be expensive.

I hope that you’ll all be as excited as I am for this little project! Book swapping is such great fun!

There do, however, have to be rules:

  1. If you enter, please make sure that you do send something out. It’s not fair if one person is left without receiving something after they’ve put lots of time and effort into their gift. If you don’t intend to send, don’t enter.
  2. All books must be sent by the 1st July. That gives enough time for everyone to receive their gift. I go away from the 15th, so chasing people up after then will make my life extremely difficult…
  3. You only have to send out 1 book, and a letter to your person. You may, if you wish, include other bookish items, but do not expect to receive the same in return – I have added an option for this on the entry form.
  4. Please ensure the books are either new, or in as good as new condition. Please don’t send old battered books that have been thrown in a river and then your dog chewed. If you wouldn’t want to receive it, don’t send it. You can get really good prices from online sites such as The Book Depository and Wordery – both of these sites offer free shipping.
  5. Please don’t post directly from an online store. This isn’t very personal and shows a lack of care and thought. Unless you have specific reasons, in which case, please notify me in advance.
  6. LASTLY. This is just a fun little thing to spread some summertime cheer. Fill the form out as accurately and detailed as you can. It gives your buddy more to work with so you can receive something tailored exactly to your tastes.

I hope you’ll all join me on this.

If you enter, please share the link and image on you blog/twitter etc so more people can see it and join in!

You can also use the hashtag #BigSummerBookSwap to chat to others taking part.

Please fill out the form below by no later than 10th June. I’ll then get all people paired up with details sent within 7 days from then, giving you 3 weeks to buy your book, write your letter, and post it out in plenty of time. Please bear in mind international shipping will take longer, so the quicker you can ship, the better!

Form not showing up? ENTER HERE



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