Unboxing: November Fairy Loot – “Royals & Rogues”

Fairy Loot is a UK based Bookish subscription box, and I’ve got to say – it’s bloody brilliant! I received my first box in October and just loved it, so I know that I’ll be staying subscribed for the foreseeable future.

Each box contains a new release hardback book, and Bookish items which are all of extremely high quality and support small businesses within the bookish community.

Without further ado, let’s see what wonders were concealed in the November box…


1. “Nemesis” by Anna Banks: “the first in a new high fantasy series. The story is set in an exotic kingdom, an it’s full of mythical creatures and magic. Nemesis by Anna Banks has the perfect amount of  magic, mystery, romance and action!” – I had heard neither of the book nor the author prior to this box, but I’m excited to read! It sounds super cool, and also came with a signed bookplate, a bookmark, a letter from the author and a “Perani” sketch (a Perani is a weird mer-person creature thing, which I’m assuming has relevance to the story…)

2. “Queen of Books” Mug designed by ReadAtMidnight: I absolutely adore this mug! It’s my first ceramic bookish mug, so naturally I’m using it all the time! Please feature more items like this, because I’m just obsessed.

3. Royals & Rogues Tea by The Tea Leaf Company: So, I’m not that adventurous when it comes to tea. I just like your bog-standard breakfast tea, milk and one sugar. But I have to say, if the packaging is anything to go by then this looks good! It’s an earl grey blend (haven’t tried this before) and even included tea filter bags for those of us not fancy enough to own a strainer.

4. Calipha Pocket Mirror by Bookworm Boutique: This cute little black and gold mirror is inspired by The Wrath and The Dawn duology.

5. “Queen of Terrasen” Mini Notepad by Alexis Lampley: A Throne of Glass inspired item? Yes PLEASE!  I’ve been reading this series recently, so when I saw this in my box I got super excited. The only thing I would say is that there isn’t really much room to write anything on it, so I probably won’t use it that much, but it’s still cute.

6. Scented Spectorium Soap Crystals by  CraftyRagamuffin: Apparently this item will make more sense once I’ve read the book, but it’s sparkly and smells good, so I already like it.

8. ACOMAF quote Tote Bag: The info for this item wasn’t on the packing list, so I’m not sure who it was designed by, but the colours on it are gorgeous. It’s a decent sized bag and feels like it’s made from a pretty good material – perfect for carrying those books are with you.

7. Double Sided Red Queen Art Print: One side is a lettering design by LovelyOwlsBooks and the illustration side is by BookOtter. The only issue is that I can’t decide which of the beautiful sides to show on my wall… dilemma.

Here’s a photo of all the contents – In my opinion, this was the best box yet, and I’m so excited to get my box this month!


The theme for Januray, Mystery & Mischief, went on sale today, so grab it whilst you can because it looks amazing and they’re going out fast! Go to Fairy Loot now.


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