T5W (Top 5 Wednesday): Gateway Books To My Favourite Genre

T5W, or Top 5 Wednesday, was created as a meme for book bloggers on Goodreads way back in 2013 – how they think of so many different themes is completely beyond me, but it sure is helpful when your blogging ideas are running a little dry, and you just want to do something a bit fun.

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This week’s topic is “gateway books to your favourite genre”.

So, my favourite genre, ultimately, is fantasy. I love the worlds that authors create and how you can just completely escape and let your imagination take over in such a wild and creative way. I’m also impartial to a little bit of romance, so I decided to combine the two genres, and do a top 3 fantasy, and top 2 romance.

Top Fantasy Novels:

1. The Throne of Glass Series, by Sarah J Maas. – I haven’t even finished reading this series yet, I’ve onto just finished reading book 2, but IT IS INCREDIBLE. It’s just become my favourite series of all time. The world is brilliant; it’s dark, exciting and a little bit magical. The characters are even better; a strong, funny, daring and fierce female protagonist, a charismatic and rebellious prince, and a downright dreamy guard… 😍 It also has a super fast-paced, heart in mouth, OH MY GOD NO SHE DIDN’T plot line – what more could you possibly want?!

2. The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling – It’s the ultimate fantasy series, the one everyone knows. If you’ve never read any fantasy, and… *sighs and puts head in hands*… never read Harry Potter… This is a safe place to start. It’s adored by both young and old readers so it’s always accessible, and has something in it for everyone.

3. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – now, I did struggle for my third choice, simply because I could think of anything just quite as good as my previous two, but then I remembered reading this book earlier this year. Red Queen is in fact a duology, with Glass Sword being the sequel. I’ve haven’t read Glass Sword yet, and I have heard many people say that it doesn’t quite come up to par with Red Queen. but that’s probably because Red Queen was so darn good! I read it quite a while ago now, it was one of my first reads of the year. But I still remember it vividly. The world, the characters, and damn that plot twist! It’s a cracker.

Top Romance Novels:

1. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – I LOVED this book. It broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces. I’m selling it well, aren’t I? But really, Lou and Will are just… Aaaaahhh. Their relationship starts out with them really not liking each other. They bicker, they pick on each other. And that’s why I love it – it’s realistic! I hate novels that have this “love at first sight” thing, because I can’t relate to it, it’s just never happened to me. All spoilers aside though, have a box of tissues at hand.

2. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – We all know and love the film. But the book. Oh, the book just gives you so much more. More romance than the film, surely not?! But yes. It’s true. It’s one of those books that can hold itself against the film. The film is great. And yes, it was made after, but everyone seems to know the film better than the book. But the book is completely different, and I still love both of them equally as much. Which is a first for me, I usually end up hating the film. But it’s beautiful. Another heartbreaker. Read it if you want to read a good bit of romantic fiction.

So, that’s my Top 5 for this week! 

Comment below if you’ve read any of these, of know of any books even better for the genres I’ve mentioned above! ❤️


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