Unboxing: August Illumicrate!

Illumicrate is a quarterly bookish subscription box, based in the UK.


This was my second box from them, and, dare I say it, it topped May’s box! I loved their box from May, but this one was just insanely good. I mean, TWO BOOKS. Girl went crazy…

So, without further ado, lets unveil the wonders that the pretty little yellow package of sunshine had in store this time…

Inside The Box:

1. “Nevernight” by Jay Kristoff: “revenge drives Mia to study the art of assassination in this engrossing new fantasy. Enjoy the signed bookplate, art card, bookmark and video from the author” – I had been anticipating this release since it was announced, and I actually managed to get hold of an ARC a few weeks prior to my Illumicrate being sent, so I was SO happy when this beast showed up in my box! All of the matching book merch is cool too.

2. “The Graces” by Laura Eve: “an eerie, dark story filled with intrigue, magic and obsession. Enjoy the signed bookplate, temporary tattoos and letter from the author” – That’s right, A SECOND BOOK! Can’t quite believe it, but this book sounds UH-MAY-ZING. The letter from the author is lovely as well, what a cute little touch!

3. Trio Coasters by Taratjah Art (exclusive): “then and now coasters of our favourite wizarding trio” – I love these, the artwork is gorgeous!

4. Drink Me Strawberry Tea by Post Tea (exclusive): “brew this summery blend and enjoy it hot or iced” – I’ll be having mine iced! It smells absolutely divine, and it’s still in the packet! Need to share this with my friend though, or she’ll go crazy…

5. In Omnia Paratus Tote Bag by Colorful Geekiness (exclusive): “be ‘ready for anything’ with this Gilmore Girls-inspired design” – I think this is my favourite item out of everything in this box. I have been using this bag NON STOP! It’s been going everywhere with me, and super handy for carrying my books around in 😍

6. Colouring Quotes by Ashley Poston (exclusive): “show off your Six of Crows and Grisha inspired art colouring using #illumicolour” – These are alos a colouring contest… I’d better get colouring, quickly!

Extras from Red Rising, A Torch Against the Night (*) and Unboxed.

(*) This extra was supposed to be a reading sample from the upcoming novel, however, I didn’t get one in my box due to an error from the publisher. They didn’t send illumicrate enough, so a lot of subscribers didn’t get this item, and were told that they would be posted out separately… I still havent got mine…

Here’s a little photo I took for bookstagram of all the contents – I think I can officially say that it was AWESOME.

Can’t wait to see what November’s box has in store for us…

If you’re not already subscribed, you should! Go to Illumicrate now.


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