Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s taken me a while to get round to doing this post, but finally, here it is! Thank you to Shannon over at CaptivatedByFantasy for nominating me for this award!

Some people may think things like this are silly or pointless, but I actually disagree. I think these blog awards are a great idea, as they boost a blogger’s confidence. It’s a little way of saying “yeah, I like what you have to say, carry on. Let’s hear more!” And so we continue.

The rules for this award are as follows:

Thank the person/people who nominated you
Answer the questions given to you
Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 questions.

Who is your ultimate OTP?
Okay, so this just HAS to be Leisl and Rudy in The Book Thief – just too cute!

What is your favourite book trilogy?
Hands down, The Hunger Games.

Do you prefer wearing jean or skirt/dresses?
Skirts and Dresses! I consider myself to be a “girly girl” when it comes to clothing. Plus I tend to find jeans a tad uncomfortable…

What is your favourite movie?
About Time, starring Racheal McAdams and Bill Nighy. It gets me EVERY FRICKING TIME!

What is/was your favourite subject at school?
I loved Music, mainly because I was good at it and had a great teacher. But then I hated it at college because my teacher was horrific, so I dropped it! But my favourite has always been English Lit.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?
Italy! It looks beautiful, with so many historic places to visit. And the food… Yum! I aim to save up for a few years and go with a friend, so we can visit all of the main cities and do it properly.

What is your favourite piece of makeup?
My favourite piece of makeup would have to be my blusher. Without it, I’m pale and pastey, and might as well be translucent as a ghost…

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted to talk about the books I was reading. I don’t really have friends that are interested in it as much as I am, so the book blog/bookstagram community was a great place for me to voice my opinions.

What is your favourite shop?
The Waterstones in Piccadilly, London, for books. It’s huge and I can spend hours in there! My favourite clothing shop is New Look – practically my entire wardrobe is from there!

Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
Seeing other blogs that I come across, and finding what I like about them – their look, what they talk about etc. That’s my biggest inspiration. You guys are great, thank you.

Are you a minimalistic or a collector?
I’m a collector. I hoard things. I had to completely clear out my room the other day because it was getting silly, I just have no space to put things anymore!

I nominate the following bloggers:

  1. Amy @ ReadDreamLiveNow
  2. Maria @ LittleLivres
  3. Diana @ NightTrainBooks
  4. Jana & Jelisaveta @ FangirlsBookshelves
  5. Jaylin & Tamara @ TwoBookHoarders
  6. Hollie @ TheHollieBlog
  7. Mackenzie @ UnRequiredReads
  8. Milana & Alex @ ACoupleReads
  9. Georgia @ Books&OtherMiracles
  10. Darnell @ DarnelLouis
  11. Kimberley @ WhimsicalNarratives

Here are your 11 questions to answer: 

  1. What is your favourite book?
  2. If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?
  3. What inspires you on a daily basis?
  4. Why did you join the book blogging community?
  5. They say you are what you eat. What are you?
  6. How do you decide which book to read next?
  7. Do you have an “auto-buy” author? If so, who are they?
  8. You’re stuck on a desert island, and can only have 3 items. What are they?
  9. What is your favourite season/time of year, and why?
  10. Where do you like to read?
  11. Which fictional world would you most like to live in?

I hope you all have fun answering these questions – don’t forget to pingback so I can read your lovely posts! 🙂



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