Where You Read Makes All The Difference…

I’m currently browsing through Bookstagram, munching on remaining Easter Egg chocolate, and thinking of ideas for new blog posts, so I thought I’d share with you my favourite places to read.

img_0280Bed: It’s the comfiest place, in the peace and quiet of my own bedroom which is on the top floor of my shared house. There’s only one problem… It makes me sleepy! Perfect for the evening, but it tricks my brain into thinking I’m tired during the day, which isn’t exactly ideal. I also seem to get distracted more here than anywhere else for some reason. Even though there’s no noise. Hmm. But on an evening just before bed, there’s nothing like opening a good book with the warm glow of my bedside lamp and the sweet scent of a good Yankee Candle.

Living Room Sofa: When no one else is in the house, I love to just sit downstairs on the sofa because it’s a lot brighter in the daytime when the light comes shining through the 3 big windows and patio doors. Bliss. If anyone else is in though it’s not ideal because people try to talk to me… Please don’t talk to me while I’m reading. Please.

The Bus: May sound odd, but because I take a lot of buses to places (2 to and from work, one to uni) nearly every day of the week, I actually do most of my reading on the bus! I started this because after doing long shifts at work and travelling home in the early hours of the morning, or if I had to be in super early, I would always fall asleep on the bus. It became a habit to the point where I now ALWAYS fall asleep on the bus, regardless of the time of day. So now I read a book to prevent my eyes from drifting shut. It’s actually relatively peaceful.

Outside: I don’t get to very often, but reading outside in a quiet park is my absolute FAVOURITE. There’s a beautiful park a short bus journey and walk away, about 15/20 minutes from where I live, which has a little hidden garden part with lots of tree and flowers and benches. I intend on spending a lot of my spare time there this summer when the weather gets warmer. I just think that quiet parks are the perfect place to escape to a different world. There’s nothing overly familiar to get distracted by.

All in all, I think as long as I have somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit down with my book, I’m happy.



5 thoughts on “Where You Read Makes All The Difference…

  1. Jorelene @ Page Chronicles says:

    I think I may be boring, but my favorite place to read is on my chair in my room. I’ve tried reading outside before, but I always get distracted by either the wind or feeling the need to eat / go to the bathroom. I’ve found that home is the best place for me to read! I wish I could properly read outside though – it sounds so lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • InCaseOfBookishness says:

      If it’s a comfy chair though, that’s lovely. I don’t have a chair in my room apart from my desk one, which I can’t really sit in for long before it gets uncomfortable! I haven read outside in a very long time, just because when I moved to London I couldn’t really find anywhere, but I discovered this place on a walk with friends last September, so I’m definitely going to go there this summer. It’s too windy and the weather’s a bit unpredictable at the moment, haha! If you find a lovely quiet spot it’s definitely worth a try 😊

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  2. bookwormwholived says:

    I love my bed and I do everything in it. Homework, reading, watching Netflix everything haha. I just love it it’s so comfy. Great post for some reason I don’t enjoy reading in a bus very much I’ll have to practice 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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